December 27th, 2006

Elanore - Bliss

Lunch-ey lunch lunch.

So the reports of David's demise are greatly exaggerated... by my brain...
He's okay... totally fine... which I discovered after leaving him messages on his lj and cell phone and calling his house and friends and finally stalking him to the place he works.
I totally started crying when I saw him... it was a scene... I won't lie.
He's probebly embarassed to be seen in public with me... lol...
God... dramatic much? I was all "You didn't call and I thought you were hurt and ::wail::"
I probebly would have slapped me for being such an over-reacter.
He didn't slap me tho, David's a good guy XD

Mmmmm delicious home made lasagna leftovers from Christmas eve...
can't beat it, seriously.
Evidently I don't know how to read a calender because I thought I was chillinz with Molly and Hope today but apperently I'm on crack and it's tommorrow we're hanging out...
So much for my meticulous date keeping in my day planner.

Working on my Travel BOS again ::nods:: neglected it recently... well ever since the wedding because it was in my suitcase and I never unpacked afformentioned suitcase ;¬¬

Man I love Bubble Tea so much... I may just have to order some more when I start running low. Now that I know I can make teh deliciousness at home I don't know that I can ever be without it now XD
Well now that I don't have plans tonight... I may just try to get badass at Guitar Hero before New Years so that's I dont look like a "Guitar Zero"!
Oh noes!

My mom pointed out to me that I havent worn earrings for a very long time so this morning I found some diamond studs to stab in my head until I can find the ones I want to wear... lol

Hana Evolved again but 10 to 1 she still wont be able to play with Molly's Tama.
Stoopid old school tama o mine.

Maybe I'll design some more wings or something for SL I'd like to try making segmented wings like the pair I just bought... Scripting aside I'm sure I could pull it off.