January 24th, 2007

Lex - Smooth

You know? One of these day's I'm going to post *not* in the last 10 minutes of my lunch hour...

I got pulled over last night after taking Christal home XD
Evidently I did a rolling stop when I turned off of Grand and on to Sunset.
It was kind of funny actually... he was like

P.O.: "Good evening Ma.am... do you know why I stopped you?"
Me: o_o "...no?"
P.O.: "Well you didn't stop fully at the light back there when you turned... and also the speed limit on Sunset here is 25 and you were going about 32"
Me: "oh... um... I'm sorry I didn't realize... I didn't mean to..."
P.O.: "Have you been drinking this evening?"
Me: O_O "No!"
P.O.: "Are you sure? Nothing at all?"
Me: "no, not at all!" ::mortified::
P.O.: "Where are you going tonight?"
Me: "I just took my friend home, I'm going back to my house."
P.O.: "Where were you coming from? A Bar?"
Me: O_O;; "No... um we were at my house but she dosent have a car so I was driving her home..."
P.O.: ::takes my licence:: "I'll be right back okay? you sit tight."

::time passes, I realize I never got the address on my licence changed and he comes back::

P.O.: "Okay you're all set I'm letting you go with a warning seeing as you have had no prior offences, okay?"
Me: "Yeah. thank you... um I don't know if this matters but that's not my address anymore.." (yes I know... shut the hell up Megan...) "I haven't gotten it changed... yet..."
P.O.: ::Laughes:: "Yeah you should probebly do that..."
Me: "Yeah I just... I'm sorry... I just didn't know... you know because I live in Pebble Valley now... so if you were behind me I wouldn't be going to this address and..."
P.O.: ::laughs again:: "I'm not going to follow you Ma.am... you have a nice night okay?"
Me: "Um... yeah okay... thanks..."

lol could I be any worse when I'm in "trouble"? I'm so depressing XD
I told Brian and he laughed at me XD

lol I wonder how bad my driving must be for him to ask if I was drinking that much XD
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