February 5th, 2007

Kyoshirou - Why me?

Buddha's ass, it's cold outside.

That's right it's a regular wisconsin heatwave up here... a whopping 15 degrees below zero...
Damn I hate this state sometimes.

I think it took my engine like... literally 30 seconds to turn over this morning... I was like o_o "Come on.... COME ON!... Make the noise! Make the noise! I live for the noooooiiiiiseeeee!"

...So I got like 2 hrs of sleep last night... ;__;
On the futon T__T
I'm so mother flocking tired. 3 cups of coffee and a moutain dew BEFORE 11 am is a bad bad sign... seeing as all I drink anymore is tea...
I'm running on pure caffine today...
caffine and fried rice...

Started my Chinese class on Saturday... twas cool... even tho there are some ignorant and annoying people in the class... (someone actually asked our teacher is his people called our people "big eyes") and the fact that aside from me and Katie there's only one other person even remotely near our age.
Professor Yu Hai is pretty cool... I like him.

I don't think I posted in here but I saw Pan's Labyrinth... it's a good movie... I think I'll pick up that and Mirrormask when it comes out... I likes them both.
Also I want to see if I can download the Lulluby from PL for my phone... that'd be a cool text message thing.

I babysat Kaiya twice last week... she's such a sweet little girl. I think she may be my favorite person under the age of 2 evar. She's so KYOOT!
Tammy... you rock. You and Nick made the best baby in the world.
And I do mean that.

soooo tired x_x
::goes off to die a little before her lunch ends::

Heroes tonight.