February 8th, 2007

Wonka - Boogie

So... things.

Babysitting Kaiya again tonight ^__^
I loves her I do's.....

I went to a movie with David and Kristy and Megan and one of Megan's friends and Brian... and we were obnoxious and talked through the whole thing... and again I am so sorry David ;__;
I loves you... ::wibble::
The Messangers wasn't bad...
I mean it wasn't good either but it wasn't terrible...

I got free wine coolers because of an office party so... hurray for me ^^

I actually came across a quote by Marcel Proust at work today... it made me go O_o
Proust... not exactly what I thought I'd see at my insurance job.
I think I'm going to go onto amazon.com or something and see if I can buy a collection of his work because from what I understand he was a really great writer. That and Little Miss Sunshine made me really want to know what he was all about.
And the next Dexter Book... I have read the first one and now I need to read #2... and hopefully this summer the third book will come out as schedualed so That I can buy and partake of it ^_^
And of course I need to preorder the "last" potter book... lets not be silly now...

Speaking of Potter... Has anyone seen the production photo's for a show called Eqqus (SP?)?
If you love Harry Potter in a "He's a little boy and that's not sexy" way then you should stay far far away from this show.
All I can say is Daniel Radcliff Naked... and a horse...
::shakes head::
The Trauma... oh the trauma...

Lets see... what other news have I....

I have reserved a room for ACen for arrival on May 10th and departure the 13th, I would prefer to not have more than 4 people (and 2 of those slots are filled already) in the room but I suppose I don't care who stays in our room as long as they know that if someone is asleep to shut the hell up and as long as I get a bed (preferrably sharing it with only one other person... possibly Molly)
I'm purchasing the "I'm a cool motherfucker" Tier 1 10th anniversary tickets tommorrow when my check is in the bank and I have teh caaaaaash.
Speaking of Acen and the room tho... I need approx 105$ from whoever wants to stay in the room if there's going to be 4 peeps in it... if there's more the cost will be less but the space will be shitty-cramped.

So who should we go as? I'm pretty damn sure I'm not going to reach my goal weight for Ayame so let's go another route... Who like Cosplay! Raise your hands!
(I was breifly debating going as girl Sephiroth Zomg boobs! the scandal! THE SCANDAL!!!)
Heh... heheh... one day we should go as NoneUp Characters and sell Nick's comic.
That would be coo.
LOL maybe I should freak people out and go as "Mrs." Tom Nook XD
Sorry sorry...

Speaking of Nook his new mortgage is raping me.

Yes... new pictures on my Devart... go look if you like...
7 new Imadoki Kyo waiting for my lazy ass to color them and post them as well... (Bad Megan... very bad...)