February 12th, 2007

Kazuya Fukai

In the immortal words of Gir... WHAT you Saaaaaaay?

I'm feeling pretty okay considering I was totally sick all morning...
I have decided that I do no longer like Microwave Burrito's and I warn Brian and Eric to stay awaaaaay from them...
...it might have been the Burrito's...
...it also might have been the Sake and Wine coolers I had before bed ;¬¬
I mean ::cough:: what? No...

So I'm basically in a pretty good mood... I'm just really cold... like I have been all day... and really depressingly weak feeling XD Ugh I hate that worst of all... the "Hang on... I'm getting up... really I am... Just give me a second... or... a second try... deugh"

SO this weekend.

Friday: Went out with Molly and Christal to Chin's (oh the deliciousness) and then went to Barnes and Nobel, where I picked up Kare Kano 21 (last one!) Trinity Blood 1, and the new Gravitation EX manga... and come on now... can you make Seguchi look any younger Maki Murakami? Seriously now. it's like his biological clock runs backwards. At CD Max I picked up the first 2 seasons of Rescue Me... because it rocks and I heart it.

Saturday: Woke up... alot because of a certain alarm... eventually woke up around 11:30 or so... went to CHinese at 1. Came home and took a nap... moved to the living room and watched more Rescue Me... Hung out with QUAZO and SHANNON who roxxorz to the max... we went to denny's then we all tottled over to Nick's for a gaming session which was fun. Talked more to Juan about someday making an anime/gaming store... Tried to avoid Eye contact with Kaiya who was still awake at 10 and being very cute reaching at me and saying "Hi!"

Sunday: Slept ALOT... never got dressed XD watched Rescue Me with Brian all day until he left to do a Primerica thing with Nick... then I got off my lazy ass got tome Pajama Pants on and super cleaned the bathroom... then had an allergic reaction to... the comet I think... and decided I didn't want to clean anymore and Made a Blood Elf on Moon Gard to play WoW with Dave and Kory/Adrianne... got off WoW... Drank some... and ten some more... watched more Rescue Me, Brian came back and laughed that I was still where he left me on the couch (but I did move in the interem! I did!) and we watched more Rescue Me XD

Monday: Woke up feeling EVIL, took a bath... spent most of the morning running back to the bathroom... told myself "Fuck Makeup today I don't feel like it" but put some on anyway... was 20 minutes late to work because of driving conditions and health conditions... Wasted probebly half of my work day feeling sorry for myself... curling up in a ball in my chair, hiding in my cube and hiding in the bathroom so people wouldn't give me work that required me to move.
Had Mexican for lunch because apperently I didn't learn my lesson this morning... (we had a lunch meeting with Qdoba catering) and now I'm blogging (yay me!)

Heroes and Prison Break tonight... if I get done with my laundry early enough I might go see Hannible Rising with David... let you know how it goes if I do ^_~
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