February 13th, 2007

Lex - Sea Monkeys

It's not stupid... it's advanced!

So Joe broke up with me last night in a voicemail...
...officially making this the shortest relationship I have had since... well... Molly and I psudo dated XD
Meh... whatever...
He wasn't really doing it for me I guess... I don't like people who can't respect personal space... even if I'm dating someone there are times when I just want to be left the hell alone you know?
I don't need to spend every waking moment with someone to be happy... sometimes I want to spend a day half asleep on the couch vegging out in my pajama's watching an entire season of some random series... or wasting a day playing Warcraft or something.
I need to detox god damnit.

Meh whatever... I think I'll just be a Lesbien for a while XD

Speaking of warcraft by the way Who the hell was that kid in my apartment last night? I never caught his name but I assume he's a friend of Nikki's... holy god warcraft nerd. Brian and me were like "Oh you play Warcraft? So do we..." and he was like "Yeah I have 100 characters and 3 different accounts one of which I bought today, I own 2 of the BC special edition packs and all my characters are over lvl 20 hahahahaha...... I have over 20 lvl 60+ characters hahahaha WHAT you havent been to any of the secret places in Dun Morough? ZOMG hahahahahaha!"
I was like O_o... "Um... I have to... sleep now... yes." ::runs away::

Last night I had dinner with David at Chin's and then David, Megan, Katie and I went to see Hannibal Rising. Good movie! Both the horror movie buffs at work reccomended it but I was still a little sceptical because of how poorly the book was recieved. I really liked it tho... I would probebly see it again. Gong Li was in it as Hannibals aunt... which was a little strange but I love her so ::shrug:: works for me. The actor who played Hannibal was fantastic... I really hope to see him in lots of other things he's very cute... and he has this little dimple scar on one of his cheeks that makes his smile really interesting.
Young Hannibal made me kind of smile at first when he was all traumatized I leaned over to Katie like "Hee hee he's like a little psycho Kyle XY..."
I wont lie... I was rooting for him...
This makes two Serial Killers in movies/shows that I'm like "Yeah! Rock on! I love youuuuu!" to...
Maybe I should do a little self reflection XD

Hannibal Lector could eat a knob at night...

I may or may not go to my parent's house tonight, it really depends on the road conditions... because right now it's blizzarding... and it's snowing SIDEWAYS... I feel like I work in St Elsewhere and someone just shook the snow globe.

So I think one of my ACen costumes should be Ayame Sohma... and I think Katie should get a suit and go as Hatori... anyone else game for a Fruits Basket Cos-play?