February 23rd, 2007

Ayame - Bamf

Aaaand here I am...

Office Depot saw fit to pay me somewhere around 400$ today... I was like Woohoo!

Yeah just incase you missed a post or two... I havent worked at Office Depot for like 3 months... maybe 4
But you know? Hey, if they feel like giving me a little compensation mores the better...
You know what I'm going to do with it?
Sketch myself over to Sams and buy a Wii... that's right... hellz yeah.

Finished Twilight already... Started reading it yesterday... Need to buy a new copy for David because someone put it on the floor in the bathroom (not me mind you) and placed it in a huge puddle of water causing much water damage to the front half of the book.
I'm not too worried about having to buy a new copy, I'm gonna do it because I totally managed to bitch destroy David's without even being there in the 2 days I had it. But I would probably buy the book anyway because it's awesome and I want to read it again already and I just finished it. SO I'll keep the waterdamaged copy and give him a nice non crapped up copy because most of my books are... "loved"... anyways so it'll fir right in.

I bought my first cosplay Outfit for this years acen today (I want to have at least 2 costumes) Who's my first outfit?
Ayame Sohma.
Thats right!
...ah Toori-san I loves it....

So who wants to do fruits basket with me?

Baby-sat little Kaiya last night... going to do it again tonight... but with my Wii!

Nick called me at work to let me know that Brian went to the ER this morning because he had a "Swollen Lung" (?)
...I'm thinking it's probebly Brochitis because that's the closest thing to a "swollen lung" that I can think of...

Anywho, Nick sounded unconcerned so I assume he's alright because he went to his Insurance class.
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