February 28th, 2007

Momo x Kiley

Here I dreamt I was an architect... well... not really...

Last night I actually dreamt I was a cannible O_o
Apperently I have been watching too much Hannibal Rising, and reading too many serial Killer books... Ah Dearly Devoted Dexter... how I awaited thee...
And it only took Amazon like... I dunno... 2 weeks? 3 weeks?
...reguardless... way too long.

I have been playing KotOR 2 alot lately... it makes me want to play KotOR 1 again but Juan still has it XD
You should have seen me trying to convince Molly that she had my copy XD I's a stupid.

I went on a mad hunt for a Wii and for art supplies last weekend but came up totally empty handed ::weep:: stupid things not being in stock when I actually have some extra money to buy them. ::shakes fist at destiny::
I'm going to redo North Star Dark Star in a more art friendly way after I write it all out for the world to see (oooooh aaaaaah)

Which reminds me! Otaku 6 is getting a complete and Total Overhaul when me and Dave get to work on it you will be amazed (wait with baited breath... I command it)
Thomas... want to be an Otaku?
And if so... want me to draw your icons?
Ha ha ha speaking of Thomas... he texted me the other day with "What's up homie G?" so I responded "Nothing much Funk-o-tron 5000...you?"
...yeah I don't know what my brain is doing lately XD

I made a runed "o-fuda" thing and taped it near the opening to my cube... maybe that will help with the overbearing ANGST in this office...
It's keeping me happy anyway... I've been really into Runes lately... I'd like to get a book on them. (goddess bless you sweep...)

I'm getting my hair done today... cause I wanna XD