March 6th, 2007

Momo - ARRG motherf**kers!


So The Axis of Evil got to me again today...

Me: ::notices Debbie going back and forth from her desk tot he supply room:: "Hey Deb, need something?"
Deb: "Oh no Megan don't worry about it you just do whatever it is you do."
Me: ::twitch cough Ignore the insult:: "Sure you don't need any help?"
Deb:"No Megan, but thank you for asking..."
Me: ::shrugs and goes back to work::

Not 20 minutes later I over hear

Julie: "Whatcha doing Deb?"
Deb: "Oh, Hi Julie I'm orginizing the supply room."
Julie: "You're always working ::laugh:: you sure don't like sitting around doing nothing..."
Deb:"Well they don't pay me to sit around doing nothing ::laugh:: but apperently they DO pay me to do things like this that aren't my job..."
Julie: "Ha ha ha isn't that always the case?"
Me: ... >_< ::face plant::

AAArg! Seriously! Did I not offer to help her??
I am in charge of supplies (ordering and the like) but that room was orginized... she just felt the need to lable everything because apperently people can't see that a pen is a pen. I'm sorry that I thought people could use their eyes to see what they were grabbing...
Yes yes... I'm a terrible administrative assistant...
::rolls eyes::
And she told me 3 or 4 times to call the copier guy to fix the copy machine because he wasn't here yet... um fyi? I already called him... and I'm sure so did many many other people in this area I'd imagine... He's not going to be like "What? Associated called? Well fuck drop everything and rush over there!" No! He has other places to be it's gonna take a little bit for him to get to us... Take a pill! seriously!
But you know what's going to happen of course... she's going to fire off an e-mail to my boss telling her I didn't call him and I don't care that the copier is broken... and then my boss is going to fire me an email telling me that our Copier needs to be a top priority and that I can't slack off and ignore problems...
How do I know this is going to happen?
Because it's what always happens... The Axis of Evil dosent listen to me or dosen't tell me something, complains to my boss, and then my boss tells me she's disappointed in me.
AH!!! as I type! There it is!!! there's the e-mail XD
Ah... Megan ftw...

I'm so glad I'm on lunch XD

Ah I totally need to detox today... I took a full day of crap yesterday with a smile it's been a little harder for me today ^^;

Heroes was badass... I really Hope Peter blows the everloveing crap out of Silar... and that Mohinder gets off of the ceiling... because I loves Mohinder...
Prisonbreak was awesome as always... I heart Wentworth Miller.
Speaking of shows that rock... Kyle XY needs to come back soon. That show was teh awxomzorz thats right... with extra letters and everything ^__^

So I have started rewriting NSDS in story form again to replace what was lost when I lent it to someone to be typed (I hate typing... or at least I used to I'm not so anti it anymore...) and they lost the whole thing ::tear:: I'm thinking of making the NSDS community friends only and typing it in there for fun... if I do let me know if you want to be up on the story updatingness.
Aaaaand I'll type more later but I lost my train of thought.
Hakkai - Past

lol I'm a geezer...

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