March 23rd, 2007

Howl - interlude


Yes... yes... I am... totally awesome, I know. ::bows::
I got my Ayame cosplay coat last night in the mail... it is the shiznit and I love it SO much... I am going to wear is everywhere...

Stolen from redheadedkappa
1. Have your music library ready.
2. Choose 1 song from your music library whose title starts with the first letter/number of your username.
3. Repeat this process with each successive letter/number in your username until you run out of letters/numbers
4. Post up your results.
5. BONUS POINTS: Upload your songs and include them in your post.

C - C'mon C'mon - The Von Bondies
H - Here I dreamt I was an Architect - The Postal Service
O - On the Radio - Regina Spektor
H - Hanabi part II - Ayumi Hamazaki
A - Asrun Dream - Gackt
K - Kairo - Hikaru Utada
K - Kaze no Hana - HANA*HANA
A - A Perfect Lie - The Engine Room
I - I Grieve - Peter Gabriel


J - Jenova - Noubou Uematsu
A - A Lifetime - Better than Ezra
D - Dreams Come True - S.E.S.
E - El`Manana - Gorillaz
D - Dragonsta Din Tei - O-Zone
R - Real Emotion - Koda Kumi
O - Oh, Green WOrld - Gorillaz
S - Sakura Saku - Megumi Hayashibara
E - El Condor Pasa (If I Could) - Simon and Garfunkle
S - Satellite - BT
E - Easier to Run - Linkin Park
A - A Song for XX - Ayumi Hamazaki
L - Le Disko - SHiney Toy Guns
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