April 4th, 2007

Miho - Thinking

Eto.... ~_~

::yawn:: ye gahds I'm tired.
I went shopping today with "Sakurako" (Debbie) which was... um, interesting? The second I got in the car she began *literally* screaming about how mad she was at Julie. Which was kind of funny actually. Julie evidently mortally wronged Debbie by ordering an extra coffee pot for the breakroom and not telling myself of her. Evidently we are a united front against office injustice now.
Which no one will ever know how amusing this is to me.
Even now, as I type, I am fighting a smirk.
Then I had Lunch with Kristy because we realized that we work almost exactly as far away from the resturant cluster on capitol as each other... like I saw her turn into the bank parkinglot as I turned into the noodles parking lot.
Yes yes we had noodles... that's twice I have been there in as many days XD we were attempting to stalk Andy after my previously blundered encounter with him (which has been locked away in my other journal so no one will ever hear about what a loser and a spaz I am) XD
Ah Andy... how you tolerate what a captain loser face I am.

Last night I dragged Quazo out to Denny's despite the fact that he had only intended to drop by to drop off some boxes XD I'm mean. We went out to eat and the waitress (who had total selective hearing but more on that later) saw my necklase and his pendant and first she turned to him:
Her: "OMG do you do Tarot readings???"
Quazo: o_o "Um... not really?"
Her: ::turns to me:: "Do you???"
Me: o_o "Uh... I don't have my cards on me."
Her: "But could you do them? You can right?"
Me: o_o;;; "I guess but I don't have my cards."
Her: ::turns back to Quazo:: "Do you have your cards? Can you do one?"
Quazo: "Um, no. I... don't have my cards."
Her: "You have to come back and do a reading for me!"
Quazo and me: o_o; "...sure..."
::She takes our order::
Brian: "You know there's a place downtown that does Tarot readings."
Her: "O_O Really???" ::Turns to me:: "How much does it cost??"
Me: O_O;; "Uh, I dunno I didn't know there was a place."
Her: ::Turns back to Brian:: "How much is it?"
Brian: "Dunno, I just saw it I didn't go in."
Her: "Aww dang, I really want to have a reading done, you don't know how much it is do you?" ::looks at me again::
Me: o__o; "...No."
Her: "Oh, okay then... but next time you're here you have to tell me how much it costs..."
Me: "...I surely will."
Her: "Or bring your cards and do a reading."
Me: "Right-o"
Her: ::starts to walk away but pauses:: "Are you good?"
Me: "Pardon?"
Her: "At Tarot... how good are you?"
Me: "...I'm... okay I guess... I mean I don't do it all the time or anything. I need a book to help usually."
Her: "...okay." ::walks away::
::We all sit in silence for a second::
Quazo: "I... think we were just stereotyped..."
Me: ::laughs:: "Stereotyped! Ow! My religion!!"

what the hell seriously...
and she kept coming back!!! XD it was so bad!!
ahh... well at least she wasn't the crazy lady who tried to rip my necklace off... this woman is officially the first person to stereotype me in that particular way XD
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