April 6th, 2007

Kyoshirou - Why me?

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!

It's only 10am and I have nothing to do...
...this does not bode well for the rest of the day.

I had a few bills to expense but apperently I left my daily planner at Nicks house last night so my reciepts are there as well and not here where I can use them for good instead of evil. You should have seen my happy dance of joy when I found those two reciepts in my day planner last night. I had been balancing petty cash and I couldn't account for 40$ so I was all O_O;;;; but then I was just effing aroun in my dayplanner and there it was! A reciept from Paneras and one from Walmart for the glasses! Hooray the 40$ I was missing!
I attached a few invoices to their according places and sent them out to be paid and then I looked across my desk like. "...oh. That was all I had for this morning eh? That's... unfortunate."
So I started writing a story but I don't really have the consentration to write well right now... I would love to draw but that wouldn't look like working to the casual eye like writing does (or like updateing your livejournal in an explorer window sized to look like it's the preview window of your microsoft outlook email program)

Last night I bought some nice paper so I could make pretty pictures for Kristy... I tried my hand at painting Rokugatsu in water color but thats actually alot harder than it sounds... I'm going to have to try again probebly lol.
I forgot what a fussy and hard to control medium Watercolor is Acrillic is much more forgiving... and Oil is even more forgiving that acryllic. I love painting with Oil it's just so much more involved... I mean with Watercolor you need water... and a palet... with oil you need medium and terpentine and a palet knife and a pallet and a gesso coated canvas... it's so much effort for my tiny little apartment to hold.

I am so freaking cold. they need to turn the heat up in this stinking building!
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Eye of Trowa

"Fire king Ize or ozu or whatever... needs to die." "...Fire Lord Ozai?" "Whatever! Assasinate!!"

Rubble rubble rubble.....
yes... I come forth... to post once again.
Today has been just a boring as I predicted this morning... there is NOTHING going on.
Although I went to Noodles and Co so I could stalk Andy again XD David showed up for a little bit to talk to me before he had to scoot off to work. So that was cool... some time me him and Kristy gotta make a lunch date. ::nods:: indeed.
So I'm testing my boundries a little XD I'm letting my hoodie sag in the back today so that my tattoo is visible. I even put my hair up in a ponytail so it wouldn't be obstructed... just to see if anyone says anything.

Speaking of Tattoo's a funny thing happened the other day when I went to lunch with my mom. We were talking about how someone had put lotion in the bathroom. She said she didn't like Bath and Body works and I asked her why because I love BaBW stuff. She said it doesn't moisturize well and I nodded like "Yeah okay I see you point I only like BaBW for the smell... for moisturizing I prefer Aveeno, I had to use the scent free aveeno on my Tattoo."
and my mom turns to me wide eyed and staring. So in the 30 seconds or so before she speaks I'm thinking 'Oh shit. Did I never tell her about my tattoo? I swear I did. I remember several other conversations about it. Did she forget I have a tattoo? Sweet butter Jesus am I going to have to have the Tattoo talk again?'
and she goes "You rub lotion on it? Why?"
oh. "Well if you don't then it gets scabby and hurts."
mom O_O "What?? Why would it?"
Me: "Um well it is done with a needle... so when it stabs you over and over it bleeds and you get a scab and have to moisurize it"
mom: "Oh! You had to do it when you first got one! I thought you ment you still had to."
Me: "O_o no?"
Mom: ::laughs:: "oh well okay then."
Me: ::wonders what just happened for a moment::

Yeeeah XD
I'm not bored... not at all...
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