April 9th, 2007

Hakkai - Past

Clean house! woo!

Yeah I was cleaning my apartment from 7pm until 11:30... and it's freaking clean let me tell you... if it is in any way messy when I get home today the culprit will be dispatched.

Had some good olde fashioned hanging out time with David, Molly, Katie and myself... as I believe I posted about earlier but if I didn't... well that's what happened.
I picked up Phoenix Wright Ace Attourney and I loves it I do's

Played alot of Phoenix Wright and never got out og my Jams. Quazo stopped by with his sister... who's name escaped me... was it Carlie? and Ben. Dave stopped by later and there was mayhem. Then I had to leave to go to Nicks Game... I felt like kind of a douche for being all "Hi Quazo!...um well I have to go!" but I don't know why. I mean it is his apartment too I shouldn't feel bad about leaving him there XD if I do it's going to be a strange strange year.

Yet another holiday family gathering full of me being politely ignored. At one point my mom told me to stop talking to my Aunt because my Aunt didn't really care what I was talking about she was just being polite.
Nice mom... thanks.
I wanted to take pictures of Sophia and Evan so I ran back to my apartment to grab my camera with My cousin Mark and his wife Connie (Connie was really O_O "I want to see where you live!!!" so they came with) they said it was a nice apartment but I was horribly mortified at how messy it was... When we got to the apartment we found Nikki pacing in the hallway looking rather distressed... evidently she had been trying to wake Eric up by buzzing the apartment and knocking on the door but he wouldn't wake up. She was dressed really nice so I can only assume they were late for some manner of easter thing. I let her in and she woke him up (I assume)
My family left my parents house at about 6 and I followed suit soon after and went home to the cleaning of doom... then played Phoenix Wright until 1AM

Mmmm... for Great Justice...

I'll update better later XD