April 11th, 2007

Kyoshirou - Why me?

Ah, nothing says spring likea predicted 8 inches of heavy wet snow.

Fuck you Wisconsin.

You know what Wisconsin? We are SO not on speaking terms anymore. Until you can get your act together and have season appropriate weather do not speak to me. No no! You go hush now!

It is... as Dave put it the Snowocalypse again today making driving conditons hazardous and "Sakurako" a Giant bitch. This morning not more than 10 minutes after I got in she came over to my cube to yell at me because I e-mailed my boss when I had a question about my job (wtf?) and apperently I shouldn't have done that becase I could have just asked Julie instead.
Well beg my farking pardon.
I don't know what I was thinking asking the person in charge of my position a question reguarding my position. That'll learn me.

It's funny because my mom has been taking to calling her "She who must be obeyed" because of the fact that she freaks the fuck out if you don't listen to her...

...speaking of, it's time for me to go give her a break... joy.
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...And find, what wind, serves to advance an honest mind.

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lunch lunch lunch

Dear Wisconsin,
I am sorry for my earlier ourburst... I don't know what came over me. You are a wonderful and beautiful state and I know that deep down you are a compasisonate state too. And in being such a kind and loving state I know that in all of your infinate glory you would never stoop so low as to snow me in at the office. You're too good for that Wisconsin... It's beneith you.
Well consider this then Wisconsin, if I get stuck here in this office, with these people, any longer than I have to be... I will personally and swiftly end my own life. You don't want that on your concience, now do you Wisconsin? DO YOU?
Yeah that's right... I didn't think so Wisconsin...
You frigid bitch.

~Love Megan.
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