April 23rd, 2007


::Insert Evil villian laugh here::

Anyone want to take a guess at what I bought on Friday that fufills all of my retro Nintendo type needs for a while?

That's right... Captain N: Game Master on DVD...
The whole series... oh my god.
It's so wrong but oh so good.

This is the shit I grew up on man, I got up in the morning and hunkered down on a couch with an oversized blanket and my big brother and we watched The Super Mario Bros. Super Show and Captain N Game Master along with other greats such as Megaman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Batman (with Adam West and Burt Ward), Battle Toads, Captain Planet, X-men, Spiderman, Batman the animated series, Bucky O` Hare and other great but long lost cartoons XD
We even ate the Nintendo Cereal.
No joke.

We were the first kids to have a Nintendo on our block, we were the shit. We had the Nes Advantage, the powerglove, the light gun (the original orange one thank you), the power pad (Ah dance aerobics you were the original DDR) We even had R.O.B. for a little bit I believe.
God... what I would give to have the Nintendo back... I think Nathan has it...

::tap tap tap... blow...blow... start... opencloseopenclose... down up down up... tap tap... bloooooooow... down... reset reset reset... SMACK:: Hey it works!!
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