May 1st, 2007

Kyoshirou - Why me?

D'ya wanna? Mmm-hmm. ::death by Fanta::

Okay so today I was almost killed by delicious orange Fanta.
I hiccuped while I was swollowing and as a result got a lung full of Fanta... which, by the way, is apperently the most painful thing to breathe EVER, Fanta? Not as good as air as it turns out.
You know how people cough water instead of air after someone saves them from drowning? Right, it happens... as expected when you breathe water... Okay now picture someone coughing FANTA. I'm still coughing Fanta into kleenex even 15 minutes or so after it happened.
And it burns... oh it burns... my lungs KILL. I was like curled, up in the reception area... red faced tears streaming... fanta staining kleenexes... a bit graphic I know...
I'm sorry.
But seriously... Fanta... What. Thee. Hell.
I mean I know I have a practically nonexistant life line on my palm but can we seriously limit me to almost dying in at least moderately reasonable ways?
Cutting my wrist open on a cash register when I worked at Pink N Save? Unacceptable.
Cutting my hand open on the plastic eye of a stuffed animal? Unnacceptable!
Choaking to death on Fanta?? Completely Unacceptable!

I mean come on at least kill me off in a cooler way, at least give me that much...
I mean really... ::shakes head::
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