May 2nd, 2007

Wonka - Plotting

Sakurako needs a nice steaming piece of shut the fuck up pie.

I'm going to fucking kill her.
It's not even a joke... I'm going to mow her down in the parking lot with my nice newly car washed car...
My paint job is red... no one will ever see the blood, it'll be fine I swear.
I'd have to run over her a few times... maybe put on some special tires on that have been blessed with holy water by the nazi pope because, well you know... the anti-christ is hard to kill and if she just got back up again after I hit her she would have to point out to me how many things I did wrong while trying to mow her down.
But you know maybe she'll just spontainiously combust over the weekend and I'll have some god damned peace for once in my fucking life.
I had my Health Risk Assessment results today and the lady told me I was over weight and stressed out.
I was like " really?"
Seriously I could have told her that.

AUGH!! I hate her so much!! >_<
I can't even function today for how much I am pissed at fucking Sakurako.
I want to punch EVERYTHING.

I am so quitting the stupid ass job the instant I get back from Texas. It's not even a joke.
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