May 29th, 2007

Hakkai - Speak to me

procrastinate, procrastinate, procrastinate

I'm being a bad employee... I actually have something to do for once and what am I doing?
Updating my lj... ^_^;
So last weekend was Juan-con, it went pretty good all in all... I got a little badge? from Jen which was coolies along with a sticker of my Hugh JackMAN, From Dave and Juan I got Cooking Mama: Cook Off which I played obsessively for the next two days mind you XD and from Eric I gor The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.
w00t! lets hear it for games and pretty things!

Mmmm my Wii... prepare to be used... ALOT
You know watching Eric play the first couple minutes of Twilight Princess... I really like Link's starting outfit (it kind of reminds me of Basch in a way I don't understand)I'm going to be sad when he changes to the green Tunic and White tights... b00....
Also I think this is the first time Link hasn't been Emo o_o he's all "I'm a nice well rounded kid! Good for me! ^_^" ::smile::
I was all O_O aww Link's so kyoot!
Although Eric did spend a goodly amount of gameplay time trying to explode pumpkins and Chickens with Epona... and trying to sick Hawks on Cats...

SO I would like to open up some manner of Otaku 6 discussion in the future... hammer down what we might like to see and what we might like to change... I will do some tutorial work in Dreamweaver ::weep:: so as not to be totally useless in updating processes.

I would love to do art swaps or commissions with/for anyone seriously... just please don't be like "I want something but I don't know what...pick something!" or I will be sad. I will do my best to draw anything specified, don't be afraid to ask ^_~
I have pretty new Markers and would love a chance to use them XD
I might start doing more fanart, I havent done any in a very long time ^^;

XD maybe I'll draw Cooking Mama or Link ::snort::

yesh... things...

...I'm journalling bored XD I don't know what to write... buu
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