May 30th, 2007

Hakkai-san - Irritated

Why my job is just like the movie Office Space

This morning.

From: Carlsen, Julie
To: Harrison, Megan
cc: Blair, Beth

Yesterday Dave S gave you a UPS overnight item that needed to go to UHC. You must have called Fed EX in error. He sent me an email with the pick up information. Going forward... so you know. We have prepaid overnight envelopes for UHC through UPS. Pam & I will be giving them to you from time to time. Please be careful to call the correct company, so that we get the speedy service we require, in our line of business.

Have a Great day!
Julie M. Carlsen

Okay I'm not to angry about that even though it has nothing to do with her and it's none of her business I did make a mistake, I'll admit that. Why, I ask... was in neccesary to carbon copy our boss? I fixed the problem, I called UPS for an early morning pick up and United Health is only DOWN THE ROAD from us so they'll get it today reguardless.
But wait, there's more...
Not 5 minutes after I got that e-mail Julie actually COMES OVER to my cube to repeat exactly what she wrote in the e-mail... what in case I can't read?
::shakes head::
Then I get a call from the daytime receptionist asking me about this "Fed-ex UPS issue thing"
::slam head on desk:: Why does she even know about it you ask? Because someone has a big mouth and likes to complain about everything and everyone, especially if they made a mistake. It's like crack to her, freaky zombie crack. She can't help herself.
I'm just waiting for the e-mail from my boss... I know I'm going to get one.

Oh and as an extra little treat... UPS is actually not part of my job XD

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Oh and House?
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Kyoshirou - Why me?

Oh my goodness... for the love of eljay please calm the fuck down!

I used a cut tag for the following for two reasons
1- I think all this panic is just silly so if you don't want to read critisizm don't click it.
2- I wish other people had used cut tags on this topic because all I can read on my friends page right now is "censorship angst" because like myself... everyone has an opinion.

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