June 11th, 2007

Miho - Thinking

... and now... your Weekend Update!!

So, friday I went out with Juan, Dave, and Molly and we stopped at Home Depot so I could FINALLY procure a length of Poplar. I apperently am a tard and have been looking for poplar since time BEGAN but never thought "Hmm, maybe I should look for wood at a lumber dealer?".
Yeah no one ever accused me of being smart XD
So I got my Poplar and then we went to see Shrek the 3rd where Molly and I did a real live reenactment of that Dane Cook skit where the girl orders everything ever. We ordered popcorn, Icee's, fresh doughnuts (zomg by the way), and cotton candy. The poor consession stand guy... he was laughing so hard when we actually started Quoting the skit... "Is that too much? "no... no it was my hope that before we left the theatre you would be obese!"
Shrek the 3rd was good, I would reccomend it to enthusiests of the series. We then went to Best Buy where I picked up the Capcom Mini Classics for my Nintendo DS (it's actually an advance game but ::shrug::) It contains two Nintendo Staples of my childhood: Bionic Commando and Strider, and one game I have never heard of but vaugely attach it to King of Fighters thanks to a prompt from Juan :Super Final Fight. Then they dropped me off and I went to my Parents house to sleep because we had to leave early in the morning to go to Illinois.
Saturday I woke up to Sydney burrowing under my FACE with joy to see me... I sleep on my stomach so my face it always half buried in a pillow... well she was having none of that... her excitement could not be expressed on a mere portion of my face... she needed to lick it ALL. She is officially the cutest dog ever. She was running around like she had to let my parents know that I had somehow slipped un undetected last night and what a miricle it was (despite the fact that my parent's knew as they are the ones who opened the door and let her into the room I was sleeping in).
Eventually she simmered down a little and burrowed under the covers to lay down with me for about 5 minutes... then jumped off the bed while still under afformentioned covers and took them all with her down the hall.
So we went to Illinois and as an early Father's Day present for my Grandfather we weeded tilled and replanted all of his gardens and power blasted the dirt from his house and sidewalks and cleaned his gutters... then went to a steak house XD
I got to meet my Cousin Adam's new puppy... His name is Piper, he's the same age as Sydney, and is a Cock-a-poo. He's a freaky little circus dog that one. He's really sweet and I love him... he's really light... like Syd is a brick house comparitively, and he's suuuuper bendy... Like bendy like a cat bendy... it was a little weird...
I got back in town probebly around 10:30ish and went to Nicks for D&D (on the way home our landlord called me to let me know that he had recieved Eric's luggage... I would let Eric know if I ever SAW him lol) Tammy and... I want to say her name was Geileen joined us for a good ole time ^_^.
Sunday I slept in until about 10 or 11 and then took a good long soak as my body was like "Oi! Why were you using a high powered water blaster yesterday!?!" I went into the living room and Quazo and Shannon were up and about so we layed around a bit and magically managed to turn on the Kyle XY marathon right as it started... like all we missed were the opening credits for the first episode. Shannon had to go to work but Quazo and I watched the whole marathon dutifully as the season premier is tonight (!!!)
I also worked on my Poplar wand ^__^ and because of whiddling and sanding my arms, hands, and writs KILL today XD

aaaand that's it I think...

...oh yeah... I drew um... bad things to sell at acen XD