July 6th, 2007

Sora - Dreams

I feel I'm stumbling in the dark, somnambulated...

I just got home from an evening with Nick and Tammy ^__^
Today I cleaned a little... watched a little tv... and drew a picture of me and my brother... then I remembered that Nick and Tammy have a working vhs tape player so I dug out some of my old VHS to play for Kaiya... she was unimpressed by A Bugs Life but seemed enthralled with Cinderella... then me and Tammy watched the My Little Pony's Movie mostly for our own benifit but Kaiya seemed to enjoy it as well... Nick and I later watched some episodes of Daria that I evidently taped over The Jungle book with back at the time when apperently "Dont wanna miss a thing, Ghetto Superstar and Real world" topped the countdown on MTV.
::nods:: ah yes... back when MTV actually played music videos...

...okay going to bed now XD
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