August 2nd, 2007


Ha ha ha... I carez not X3

Okay so reading Harry Potter 7 made me want to re read the whole series... so I spend an hour a morning reading it lol. I have finished 1 and am about a chapter short of finishing 2 (I'll probebly finish it tonight during my hair appointment) and two things have come from my Potteriness...
1 - I have the fan-fic bug again.... BAD
2 - Thomas' desperate plea/death threat for me to do more Imadoki Kyo is going to be answered by alot of Harry Potter Omake...

Ha ha ha... Mmmm Snape...

Watching crafting shows with my mom has also sparked some really good Idea's of things to sell at ACen next year ::nods::
Totally dig it =D

I have been really into Disney Movies lately as I have been downloading them and burning them to disk so Kaiya can see the old school ones like Sword in the Stone. It's made me want to draw alot of disney too lol.

Hee hee I got text messages from Semi-drunk ^___^
It made me giggle alot.
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