August 3rd, 2007

Miho - Laugh

stuffity stuff...

So I got my hair touched up last night as my roots were showing and then popped over to chill at Nicks house.
Keep in mind my obsession with the Food Network before I begin this story...

We were watching Brotherhood of the Wolf, which I had never seen but apperently 95% of my male friends have a total movie crush for. I have been told it was good... and it was it was a pretty fly movie...
... and then I saw Mani...
Mani is the Native American shaman who is travelling with the main character... and Nick tells me right off the bat that he's resonably sure I'm going to recognize the actor right away but the character was wearing a face mask so all I could see was his eyes. I was watching the fight scene like "Ha ha that guy is either Asian or Lou Diamond Phillips..." and Nick just gives me kind of a knowing smile... and I stare at the actor... and slowly it dawns on me... "...waaaaait... is that? No...."
Nick laughs and I continue on to "...nooo... is that... Chairman Kaga's Nephew?"
Nick: "Yep!"
Me: ::groan:: "Oh no! I knew he had been an actor before he did Iron Chef but... really??? He's Japanese not Native American!"

Oh noes... my poor brain...

No for real I don't think after seeing his little half naked ass as he fights in a loin cloth I can ever take Iron Chef seriously again XD
Oh god... oh god my brain... ::dies laughing::
I kept Yelling things out like "Secret ingredient: French Barbarian!!! Ala Cuisine!!!" during the movie when he killed people.

He's actually a pretty decent actor tho ::nods::
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