August 7th, 2007

Kyoshirou - Why me?


So, babysitting Gabe from upstairs has given me a new appriciation for what a wonderful child Kaiya really is.

Gwen needed to run some errands and she didn't have her car seat (or something) so she woke Eric up and dropped Gabe off... the instant she left the room an ear piercing scream of "MOOOOOOOOMMMMYYYYYYYY" started eminating from the bedroom and did not cease for well over 10 minutes. I curiously walked into the bedroom to find out if perhaps Eric was still asleep and that's why the noise continued (don't laugh, I actually thought it might be a possibility) but no... He was awake and attempting to quiet Gabe down to no avail... and the screammy of "mommy" continues for another 5 minutes or so before Eric brough Gabe into the living room... In an attempt to quiet him down I picked him up and put him on my lap trying to talk to him and sing... nope... nada... For my efforts to make him stop pulling his own hair I was rewarded with a comb to the face... some slapping... a headbutt to the nose... and a headbutt to the eye socket (zomg the eyesocket 0_x ) Finally with the combined effort of me holding him, singing to him, patting him on the back, standing and rocking, and scooby doo on the tv we were able to calm him down (after almost 40 minutes I'd estimate of bloodcurtling screams). After one episode of Scooby doo was over I asked Quazo if he thought it was safe to sit down... we tried... and noooooo... no it wasn't... I got another headbutt for that.
Eventually lilo and stitch was able to calm him enough to the point where I could set him down... but oh. my. god.

So then I went over to Nicks on Sunday and picked up Kaiya like ::weep:: "oh my god you are the best baby in the whole world..." it was kinda funny because after a little while of me showering her with praises she eventually started giving me funny looks and pushing me away like "Okay lady... seriously.. what's your prob?"

Oh I heart Kaiya...
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