August 8th, 2007

Nobuhiko & Kali - Peace


I am going to go ahead and agree with Thomas before he even posts because I know what he's going to day about Zen XD lol

It was officially awesome ::nods: yes. Even thought Maryanne and Colleen weren't there it was still a really good session... even though I was really tired and almost fell over during the sitting meditation (which by the way always reminds me of Martian Successor Nadeshico when I do that "no earthly thoughts! no earthly thoughts!" ) Walking meditation was interesting as John has hardwood floors and about halfway through Dane Cook ruined my meditation groove as I began hearing "Cheeeeaaaaater...Liiiiiiiaaaaaaer" in my head as I walked. I have to say I prefer outdoor walking meditation to indoor walking meditation.
But aside from my Zen-tardedness and A.D.D tendencies the study was pretty cool. We read from The Dhali Lama's adaptation of the Maha Prajna Paramita (or heart sutra) and got into a pretty deep conversation that was more than slightly remenicent of the Philosophy Classes I took at U-dub ^_^
Thomas I love you by the way XD "and the Christians were like 3=1, and the rest of the religions went 'But...math?'"
Ah it was good... I miss Philosophy classes... I think I may need to join a philosophy club or some crazy shit (if there is such a thing)
Ha ha maybe I'll start one?
Reguardless I'm going to try and find a copy of the Dhali Lama's Heart Sutra adaptaion to read as it it a little bit awesome.

Thomas and I talked on the way to and from about things that drive us Bananasandwich and had a good laugh... we made some Delicious pasta... or maybe I should say Thomas made some delicious pasta, I ran around the house with the fresh Mozarella crying out that I was holding a "mozza-schlong" before cutting it up, which was my only real contribution ot the meal lol.

Then we watched "Who want's to be a superhero" which is officially my favorite "who wants to be a..." show and Eureka before I went to bed.

Seeing Simpsons tonight with Fallon! w00!
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