August 14th, 2007

Kyoshirou - EH???

Zoey + Water = ANGER o.o

I tried to coax Zoey into taking a little birdy bath as she still has blood on her wings from being in the pet shop... either she or the other bird in the cage had a "blood feather" which is evidently when a feather is connected to a vein and when it falls out a bird will bleed everywhere for a little bit lol
Evidently it's not common but not serious... reguardless Zoe has dried blood on her wings and a little bit on her back. So I filled the sink with about half an inch to 3/4ths of an inch of water and tried to get her to take a little bath.
I set her down in the water and immediately she splays the feathers in her tail and raises them and her wings up so that they aren't touching the water...
Then she begins to hiss and complain at me before she totally freaks the everloving fuck out flapping and making little squeeks.
...I would now like to point out that they had clipped Zoey's wings at the store when I bought her so she can't fly... at all... so all we accomplished was to scramble out of the sink and run head long into the mirror. I picked her up and she ran up my arm to my chest and huddled there totally freaked out so I cupped my hands over her so she could calm down and feel safe. future reference? Zoey hates water.

She was also really mad at me again this morning... XD
My poor baby... I'm such a mean mom trying to clean her.
I got puffy hissing again this morning lol...
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