August 15th, 2007

Lex - Smooth

Donanaphone... I don't think I've said that one yet...

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So I was reading up on Cockatiels on and it said that they are very socially dependant birds and that they like to do all things in groups... including eating. SO I decided to try to get Zoey to eat by eating with her I opened her cage and effectively coaxed her out and sure enough... as soon as I started eating my breadstick she started eating her carrot ::success!:: So I finally managed to get her to eat something which is a load off my mind because even though Christal told me that it's not uncommon for Cockatiels to not eat for a few days in a new home it worried me reguardless. We played for a little bit outside the cage... she nibbled me ear and necklace, I chased her around the room, she nuzzled with my finger... so all in all I think she's finally settling in.

I have to get her a new toy however as she seems to not care about/hate the one she has... I have never seen her even touch it... which is sad as it was nearly 10 dollars.
She is quite enamored with newspaper however which should probebly tell me something of her taste in the price of toys lol.
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