August 16th, 2007


Zoey vs the Bath Part 2

With many thank you's to Christal we actually got Zoey to bathe yesterday. Christal turned her upside down and dipped her wings in the water so she couldn't get away from us and she managed to wash a very hissy angery complaining bird...
We got most if not all of the blood off of her wings and I was rather shocked to find that she really was pretty dirty as the color of her feathers is much more vibrant today.

For future reference a wet cockatiel is the saddest looking thing you have ever seen... she looked scrawny and frankly rather naked as she was attempting to fluff out her feathers and only succeded in making herself look like a pincushion...
a very mad pin custion.
She cuddled with me for a little while she was drying off, huddled in a little towel. I caught her streching and preening for me this morning trying to show off... it was cute.
She did however have a distirbing attraction to Thomas' Chicken Alfredo Pizza and kept trying to eat it... I eventually gave her a piece of crust to appease her but she still was making moves for the chicken...
...the cannibal, I refuse to let her eat her bigger stupider cousins.

I also started making a test purse that I am going to probebly give to Kaiya tonight... I was testing out an Idea of something to sell in my ebay Store... frankly I think they're adoreable and will sell well once I get the concept perfected ^_^