August 31st, 2007

Wonka - eww children

Boo, XD

I decided to sneak around very quietly this morning grabbing my clothes so I wouldn't wake the Zo-bird up got dressed... took the sheet off her cage and immediately planted her on my shoulder. This had the desire effect of shutting her the fuck up this morning so that I didn't have to worry about waking up neighbors who might not otherwise be up. She was a total sweety too I was walking around doing my morning crap and she was just sweet as pie nuzzling my cheek and nibbling on my little ponytail whispies. Evidently all it takes is a little tlc in the morning to make her chill it out... unfortunately this had the undesirable consiquence of her pooping ALL OVER ME... I swear to god you would have thought I was squeezing her like on of those little stress aliens or something the way she dirtied up my shirt over the course of 40 minutes she managed to poop at least 4 times on me.. I was like "Aww... aww... AWWWWWW.... Why Zo Why?"

Chillaxin' this weekend... Mmmm Heroes Marathon...

I want to draw NOW O_O
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