September 5th, 2007


oh lord... where do I begin...

I have been putting off posting because I am a lazy jerk and have way too much to write...

FRIDAY: I drove my happy ass up to Whitewater to pick up teh Dave and do the hanginz out... as it is closer to this friday than it is to last friday I am having some difficulty in remembering exactly what it is we did... I'm resonably sure That Dave, Christal, Me, Quazo and Shannon had some Riceballs and watched the unaired original Pilot of Heroes (?)

SATURDAY: Went out with Christal, Joel, and Dave to Best Buy where Christal picked up the new season of South Park and Dave Procured Season 1 of Dexter ( ^__^ ) and I have a new love names "Boogie"... I want that game for the Wii so bad right now! lol... We went to Webbs for lunch and had a vivid debate about Reigion and Politics and then went Mini Golfing where I tied Christal for Second Place. After Minigolf Christal treated us to Smoothies from Good Harvest Market and we popped over to Office Depot to harass David and I applied for an Office Depot Credit card in a vain attempt to buy the pimpingest laptop I have ever seen. I ended up not buying it but we invited David over for Drinking and Movies later. Christal and Joel had to leave to visit Christal's G-ma and Dave and I called Juan and ended up having a little mini Drinking thing with David Dave Megan Me Juan and Dave while (finally) watching A Scanner Darkly.

SUNDAY: I went with Dave and my parents to meet Nick and His Mom and Step-dad at the Scottish Highland Game at the expo center... it was pretty cool! Nick fought a Knight... I ate a meat pie... lots of men in skir... er... I mean Kilts =D. Dave left with Nick any My parents took me home and visited with Zoey for a while then went home. David called and changed the Movie we were going to see from Superbad to the new Halloween movie and we went with Megan L. I have to say... Rob Zombie movies? Not exactly my bag. I have never seen any of the original Halloween movies but I am sure if I had I would have been disappointed with the remake as that was the general murmering consent amongst the crowd as we exited. It was okay I guess... I didn't realy feel to terribly strongly one way or the other about it. It wasn't scary at all... Rob Zombie's apperent Idea of a scary scene is to shake the camera alot ala Star Trek when a ship is under attack. David dropped me off at home and Quazo, Shannon, Aly, Alana, and Luke were there. There was another drinking and movies party and we got catcalled on our way back from the park at 2 or so in the morrning by an SUV full of men... it was funny.
SUV Guy "Hey there's some fine bitches here! where you goin?!"
Alana "What did you say? You better watch your mouth! I SAID watch your f**king mouth bitches!"
::everyone lunges to cover Alana's mouth so we dont get shanked in the street::
ha ha ha good times...

MONDAY: We went to Spring CIty for Breakfast and then to Renfaire where I spent waaaaaaaaay to much money... but there are some cute pictures on my facebook ^__^

Will write more later.... lunch is over ;__;
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