October 2nd, 2007

Wonka - Boogie

if you're groovy and you know it clap your hands!

::clap clap::

Tonight is Zen with Thomas (yaaaaays!) Prison Break and Heroes were totally pimp last night... Chuck was enjoyable again... and... and and and... my mom Taped Dexter for me! w00t w00t!
My mom asked m what I wanted for dinner and for some reason I was really jonsing hard for Mac n cheese with beef, cream of mush soup, and tomatoes in it. It is my lunch again today... Mmmmm fooood.

Dave and I are planning a little suprise for the people who were fans of my old Comic (Thaaats right... all 2 of you! Listen up! j/k) we are looking into how difficult it would be to make... a cartoon O.o
You can thank Phoenix Wright for that... long story XD

Aaaaanywho I will be revamping the characters... again(I know...) for North Star Dark Star so they might make an appearence in my Deviantart in days to come.

Hooray for art! ::fist pump::
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