October 5th, 2007

Ayame - Believe

When enraged, and in heat, a troll female can mate over 80 times in one night! Be you prepared?

Yeah if the title was any indication I did not resist the lure of warcraft.
I did manage to Revamp Dita's look this morning... I'm thinking of seeing if Lan would like to voice her =D
Hey Jen... how does Nagisa strike you? (if you remember her...) she dosent come in until the 2nd story but she's the hero for the remaining two story arcs. (well... her and Wraith in the third one)
So Far I think I'm going to try to get Quazo to be Ruby-Eyed Wraith
I'm going to Ask Shannon if she would like to be Heretic Polaris but that's if she even likes voice acting XD which I'm not sure of... but I think I'l be seeing her tonight so I'll ask then.
I'm going to ask Nick if he would like to voice Reid and Tammy voice Maya when I see them on Saturday
Dave agreed to try out Signus to see how he likes him.
I'm going to voice Ranief myself and see how Juan feels about maybe voicing Xander.
Thomas is "all over" Zanifar XD (Put on your best Crazy face! LOL j/k... Zanifar's not that bad)

Which still leaves me with a few people to cast... namely Loki, Luna, Rukia, Arashii, and Angel Master Rika (as well as random other voices but I think we can reuse our Voice Actors for that XD)

::plots plots plots::
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