October 16th, 2007

Elanore - Bliss

Zen,zen,zen... Zenny... wait... thats money is... some game O.o (Ragnarok?)

::pumps fist:: Yeah! I'm pumped for Zen and I don't know why...
...after the e-mail about the walk for Burma I added the LJ community that was conveniently featured on the mainpage.
interesting stuff...
Hey Thomas do you want to do the walk? (assuming it's not during my working hours... I forgot what time/day the e-mail said)
Don't forget your Zen stuff! Remember John said he forgot to bring the extra sitting places from Marianne so we has to bring our ownz.

This time I think I will have to drink some Bawlz before I sit however so I wont drift off (dosent that seem wrong by the way? I'm going to drink some super caffinated gamer drink so I can stay awake during meditation =D ::is a dumb::) because I was up until waaaaaay to late last night... and while Nikki Gwen and Eric were typically loud (which has been the bane of my existance for at least 2 weeks now I havent gotten a decent night sleep) that is not the reason I was still awake.
It turns out one of the people who I was trading lame flirts with on Matchmaker (I say lame flirts because we are both too cheap to pay 30$ to e-mail one another)is the roomate of Jen who I used to work with at Pick n Save (not you Mai XD ::loves:: )so Jen calls me up like "Hey dude, did you know you're flirting with my roommate?" to which I was like O.o "Orly?"
And for even more freaky coincidence I know her ex and went to Grade, Middle, and Highschool with her ex's brother...

Small world Waukesha... Touche...

And also I met her a long ass time ago at Laken's house... which is so wierd... we were talking and I was like "wait... um... I was at that party O_o..." So wierd.
At any rate I'm going over to chillax at Jen's place Wednesday because we havent seen each other in YEARS and she's totally good people.
And so I can meet Tina XD

I'm pumped!

Oh! Oh, oh! I know I'll probebly see you tonight Shannon but still... Our order shipped today! w00!
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