October 19th, 2007

Lex - Fly


Chow Nissin Original Tomato Basil Pasta... you get a D.
You don't fail... I'll still eat you... but I'll not be buying you again... your Teriyaki flavors are much more satifying.

Heading over to Tina, Jen, and Carrie's place again tonight... this time with a Wii in tow for the general amusement of all. I can't remember if I packed perfect dark into the Kuroneko-sama carry-all of doom or not for Jen but I guess I'll figure out if I did or not eventually wont I?

I'm going to Remember to take my Wal-itin D at least an hour before I go over there because I think I took it too late last time and that's why I was sniffly for a while... in fact... it's a 24 hour pill... why don't I just take it now?

Marvy, all set =D

Carrie loved her Birdo... so yay for that! I'm half tempted to put up a sign on my Deviant art that says "Yes! I do commissions! for the low low price of free! Hurry! Limited time offer!" but I think I tried that in here once and I was all

::chirp chirp::


::chirp chirp::


Aww... no one likes me...
::cry:: T^T

Yesh... but... Fun tonight!!
And tommorrow or some time this weekend we are going to get our apartment key back and get rid of that vilgehk cabinate one way or the other... so help me.
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