October 23rd, 2007

Miho - Sigh

Hickory what?? Smoked WHAT???

Whisky Tango Foxtrot Tuesday... are you trying to push me over the edge before Zen?

Let me pause for a moment and say something funny before I launch into angst
During Prison Break Dave texts me "Scofield man, Scofield man... does whatever a Scofield man can..."
To which I responded "Can he swing from a web? Of course he can, he designed it using properly propagated axial force... LOOK OUT! Here's comes the Scofield man!"

Because as we know... Michael Scofield is just a less whiney, more sexy Macguyver after all...

okay... now for the angst...
So I was at work yesterday 40 minutes past when I should have lef because as I mentioned to Thomas and Dave Via text and e-mail yesterday was a Charlie Foxtrot.

Today when I got in it was no different...
wait wait... I take it back it was a little worse this morning.
Two things happened that I could have technically prevented but shouldn't have had to if that makes sense... pretty much there were two things that were marked "Urgent" in my inbox that someone had shuffled off of their desk and on to mine... which is fine... that's my job. Problem is... they got buried in my inbox because no one upon slipping these to me said ANYTHING to the extent of "Hey this is urgent can you take care of it?" so I just plugged away on the other "this needs to be done! Ditty Mao!" items that I had in front of me paying my inbox really not much mind.
So. I could have prevented it by looking through my inbox periodically... but I didn't because I was already doing 5 other things at any given time.
So boo.

2 customers are pissed at me for, thankfully, reasons beyond my control. I say thankfully because that means I did everything right in these senario's it just didn't turn out 100 the way the customer would have liked it to.

Clearly the honeymoon period is over.

I stopped at PetCo to get some food for Zo and ended up also getting her a strange bird sized Pinata for her to rip apart. I decided to drive out to the Co. because Pet Worlds feed had bugs in it (ew) and also because Carrie and Jen work at Pet Co.
Sadly neither of them were there.

There's a Concure I really want at PetCo... I heart Concure's...

Some day I want to get Zoe a little friend to keep her occupied when she is in the cage but sadly she's a really anti-social bird I don't think she'd get along with any other birds.
...That and Quazo would probebly end me if I got another bird XD
I think for now I'll settle for getting the Z-bird a larger cage someday so she can fly around or something (and by larger I only mean taller her cage is wide enough thank you.)

Buuut yeah... can't think of anything else interesting to say other than Wolfgang's heaer caught on fire today XD we have all the windows open to let the smoke out... I'm cold!!