October 25th, 2007

Wonka - Plotting

...Sorry Doctor... that was fucked up....

I was tired as a motherfucker this morning... I should really be in a less good mood... but I'm not XD

May have something to do with the 2 cups of coffee this morning. XD

I e-mailed Dave this morning about A dream I had that was just totally whacked out... I dreamt I was Dexter Morgan first of all... and that the police station I worked at looked just like my office at KHS. And I left my desk to go to the restroom and I was attacked from behind by a crazy evil janitor who was Brian Poehsnen (sp) and he hit me in the head and I lost my memory... so Astor and Cody were trying to get me to remember the Dark Passenger and Rita.

Yeah... thats right... I really do dream things like this XD

I can't remember if I wrote this in my journal or not but Thomas Quazo Shannon Nikki and a person who I think is Nikki's new Beau tore Erics fug cabinet apart and moved it outta there! W00T I'm excited to have more room and less F.UG in my apt.
Speaking of Eric moving... I ran into Tracy (our land lady) this morning and the convo when something like this...

Tracy: "Hey, can I ask you a question?"
Me: (oh god... please don't ask me if I have a loud ass bird...) "Sure!"
Tracy: "Did your roommate..." ::points up::
Me: "Move out in the middle of the night without telling us? Yes."
Tracy: "He didn't tell you?!" ::jaw drop::
Me: "Nope... actually he did one better he told us he wasn't."
Tracy: "Oh... oh my God... I can't believe that. He came and talked to me... I can't believe he didn't tell you guys! I told him to talk to you and he told me 'Oh yeah of course!'"

I find that greatly amusing...

Also thankfully Nikki was totally shocked that I had a bird which means, victoriously, people outside of the apartment can not hear her sqeeking. w00t! Hooray for Zo not being as loud as she sounds!
She's getting steadilly better tempered now that she's not molting so hardcore although she's looking a little rough now because of the stabby feather coatings from the new feathers XD

Juan's bringing me my Xbox 360 tonight! w00t w00t!
He picked it up for me at his Goodwill... (remind me to go to Juan's goodwill by the way... they have 360's and TiVo's... wtf Menom-falls... seriously...)

JEN: What server are you on??? 0_\\\

Lunch OVAH
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