October 29th, 2007

Kyoshirou - Why me?

Just a pleasent reminder that I am still allergic to cats... XD

I took my Claritin a wee bit too late yesterday afternoon and as a result was totally DYING over at Jen/Carrie/Tina's place yesterday...
...I did howeer get some really cute photo's of Picasso, Buddha, Cyrano, and Leo as well as the Albino Ferret.

I got back from Chicago pretty late Saturday, My cousin's apartment is huge and awesome... it's a middle above the laundry room (which Mark says is a good thing because Evan likes to stomp... he's 5 now you know... and don't you forget it. lol)and is evidently a steal at $1100 a month with Heat and Water...
...which apperently is a really good deal for Chicago metro area... Evanston I think? Ravenwood? Somewhere in that area? I'd have a better Idea of where it is if my Dad hadn't spent the whole time turning abruptly and grumbling. He wasn't listening to the little GPS navigator thing and wanted to turn instead of going straight... then decided he wanted to go straight after all JErked back into traffic and accelerated way way too quickly... So quickly in fact that he launched the GPS Navigator my Grandpa bought for him (and it was expensive too... that's something my Grandfather likes to proudly remin us of) off of the dashboard and right into the gearshift smashing the touch screen and rendering it useless.
Now ask me if my dad had a backup plan incase the GPS didn't work.
...cause he didn't.
Luckilly my mom handilly keeps an Illinois and a CHicago Metro area map in her car... but not even this could help us as I heard repeated angery mutters and swears about the "resolution" on the maps not being high enough. Yeah... okay...
However did people get ANYWHERE before talking gps navigators?!?!?


Anyway... it was a good time once we got there XD
I love Mark... he's so funny.

Le Party was good Luke Brought Guitar Hero 3 over... Joel got everyone drunk XD ah Joel I love you... I will write more on the party later tho as my lunch is currently up.
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