November 1st, 2007

Miho - Stare

So as I mentioned in an e-mail to Dave earlier...

Last night I saw an article boasting about a 33 million dollar winner in Maryland planning to open a "real life Hogwarts" and I was like "oh geez... what a crazy."
but then I watched the video... turns out he's a Wicca high priest and he wants to open an alternate religion school. Like a nice legitimate one not some hokey Hogwarts spinoff school. He was a well articulated successful accountant who teaches Wicca out of a new-age religion store and he just wants to give people a chance to study in peace and to learn about some of the more misconstrued religions like Paganism and Druidism. But associated Press was all "Oh! He's opening a real live Harry potter school! A hyuk hyuk!"

Associated Press... I'm disappointed in you.

I'd like to visit that theoretical school when it opens. ::nods::
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