November 5th, 2007

Kyoshirou - Why me?


Was sick alll weekend... boo...

Sorry Dave! I came and got you from Whitewater only to lay around and be pathetic all weekend.

Happy Belated Birthday K-chan! I'm sorry I missed it ;__; I was totally unconcious on Saturday... it was sad...

Friday Dave's mom cooked us Catfish... which was the first time I have ever had Catfish actually... it was pretty good ^__^
Catfish has a kind of strange river taste to it but not neccesarilly in a bad way.

on a different Note, BIOSHOCK you are the best first person shooter evar. Pretty much all I did Sunday was alternately sleep and play BIOSHOCK.
That game is so fucked up... and in the best kind of way. It's like playing through a really awesome survivor horror movie. I got pretty dang far... and have a couple of obscure things to comment about on that game
1)My character is officially waggles now from too much splicing.
2)Holy shit am I glad I decided to save the little sisters instead of extracting their ADAM.
3)I miss Atlas ;__;
4)Main character... ZOMG cloud strife much? "Wake up.." ::o_o yes master...::
5)I heart Winter Blast and a wrench.
6)...Booyeah! Take that Andrew Ryan! Golf club for the win!
7)Code Yellow SUCKS!
8)ZOMG EVE Hypo's PLX!!!! ;__;

Mmmm BIOSHOCK... if you have an X-Box 360 I demand you buy that game. ::nods::