November 6th, 2007

Riku - Wonder

Oh Noes! They is sealin' us in! We'sa gonna die!!!

As I'm writing this there is a maitanence man building a wall in the hole where a door to the shop floor used to be before they ripped it out... Evidently we only deserve one door in our office XD
Shop Floor: "Thaaats right Customer Service... YOU STAY IN THERE."

Yesterday I was once again reminded that I am not one of the cool kids as a goodly chunk of my friends list posted the Guy Fawkes speech.
I just don't get it... ::shrug::
It may be however that I have never successfully sat through V for Vendetta... I have fallen asleep during it twice ^_^;;
Meh, whatev's =D
Tonight I am going to buy Toilet Paper and go to office Depot, Oh how exciting my life has become! XD!
No but really, I'm going to print out my portfolio (for my Graphics program interview tommorrow) at office depot
and lable it all pretty and nice ^__^ Yay me!

I'll also probebly originize my kitchen cabinets "Oh noes! Not that! It's too much!!"

Maybe I'll call Mr. David tonight =D

I think I may have found my cousin on Facebook =O

...I also found MIKE P. on Myspace =D I'm so happy! I havent talked to him in AGES!!

also... still sick >_< damn illness... much love for Dayquil
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