November 20th, 2007

Otaku thing

No Maya... that is S.P.A.R.D.A.

Oh Phoenix Wright... why I ask you... Why?

Ah well... I finished the 3rd Game and now all I have to do is wait for Apollo Justice: Ace Attourney to come out! w00t!

Mmm Gyro's... I love Kristy S. forever for getting me one. ::om nom's::

So I have been thinking of going to HalfPrice books to see if I can pick myself up a copy of "Atlas Shrugged". I was watching Yatzee's review of Bioshock on Zero Punctuation again and his "main bad guy might as well be Showdown with a waistcoat and a copy of Atlas Shrugged" comment made go "Hmm... why have I heard of that...?"
I heard of it because it was a seriously controversial book once, I wiki'd it and went "...oh...oh my god... Bioshock is pretty much this book with a more horror shooter element to it..." and since I think Bioshock is "the shit" it makes me really want to read the book.
I also would like to get my hands on some translated copies of the Phoenix Wright Manga that I didn't know existed... I was cruising for pictures so I could make a Phoenix Wright mood theme for my journal and I came across a character sections called "Manga only Characters" and I went O.o "Manga?"

Aaand from all sides recently I have been getting the ACen talk which is kind of funny really as I don't think it was planned... everyone just went ZOMG the sites up!!! This means I'm going to have to kick my art production up to high gear if I expect to sell anything in Artist Alley this year (lol hey if you are coming to rosemont this year and you see a chick in artist alley selling art dressed like Miles Edgeworth... that's be me XD assuming I am able to rent a table with Quazo that is) I am rooming in the Hotel Convention Center Proper if I can help it... Yosh!

So... Who Wants to Phoenix Wright Cosplay? you know you wanna... Everyone except for Phoenix and Edgeworth are freegame =D