November 27th, 2007

Otaku thing

Hey I haven't done a Memegen in a while... WTF, R?

Stolen from Jen

1.Name/Age/Location? Megan/24/Waukesha, WI

2.How old were you when you started playing video games? Ha ha... when wasn't I playing VIdeo Games... My brother was 5 when I was born so I've probebly seen them all my life ^__^

3.What sparked your interest in video games? Most likely the sibling urge to emulate my brother

4.1st video game you've remember playing? Mail Order Monsters on the Commadore 64

5. Does that first game have a place in your heart? Hell Yes... I remember staring at the loading screen for probebly upwards of 15 minutes and liking it XD I think it might have been an Electronic Arts game before it became EA Games.

6. Favorite franchise in video games? the Ace Attounrey Series! Phoenix wright or otherwise... Also I've always had kind of a soft spot for Squee-nix games. (I cannot WAIT for Final Fantasy: Dissidia!)

7. Favorite Game Company - Generally I like Koei, Squee-nix ^_~, EA Games... Rare... Valve... ::nerd::

8.Least favorite game franchise - Hmm... probebly sports and casual games... I mean I like Bejeweled as much as the next person but ::shrug::

9.Most overrated game franchise - eeeeeeeh... Card based? That was a stupid Idea Kingdom Hearts... shame on you...

10. Favorite Genre of video games - RPG... FPSRPG...MMORPG... are we seeing a pattern? Also I enjoy the mindless carnage of Dead Rising and pretty much any Koei Game...

11.Favorite era of Video games such as 8 bit, 16-bit era, etc - I'm quite enjoying the X-Box 360 frankly... Go 5th Generation consoles! But then again I also ahve a Sega emulator so ;¬¬

12. Favorite video game controller - NES Advantage for the win... also R.O.B.

13.Favorite system, if you don't have a favorite video game system, then name your top 3. - Hmmm... PS2, X-Box 360, ... Nintendo ;¬¬

14. What game has the memorable music to you? - Holy shit... okay any nintendo game but Simons Quest: Castlevania 2 and Wizards and Warriors 2 rocked my socks

15. Least favorite game controller - Oooo... probebly the Power Glove... that shit never worked.

16. Do you follow game review sites? - Yes =D Go to the and watch the Zero Punctiation reviews... you'll laugh I promise.

17. What's your favorite system out of the current console generation out? X-Box... you can thank Knights of the Old Republic for that.

18. What's your favorite portable system? I looooved my brithers Game Gear but all I ever had was a Gameboy and a DS so I'm going with DS

19. Most memorable moment in playing a video game? - Aerith. Period. Not even a Joke... I dropped my controller and stared wide eyed at the screen with my hands over my mouth on the verge of tears. Bravo Final Fantast 7... Bravo.

20.Why do you play video games? Well if I didn't I wouldn't be a Gamer... I'd just be a nerd ;¬¬
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