December 7th, 2007

Phoenix - Coffee

::nods:: Yeees... been missing for a few days, but not dead XD

What's been happening:

-Painted a picture last night for my cousin, I like it more when I havent been staring at it for 5 hours. XD

-Got accepted into art school... however am not getting my hopes up as I don't know if I can afford it with the way apartment expenses are.

-...have a date next Saturday ¬¬

-Guy who I'm going on afformentioned date with has a gears of war tattoo and his online gamer handle quote is "Would you Kindly...?" X3 ::nerd::

-...yes, a guy

-"Zoe-field" is molting again (boo...)

-I hate the writers strike FOREVER... I want my fucking shows back dammit.

-ZOMG Dexter!!! O_O You are not following the book at ALL and for some reason it's not bothering me even though that usually does. God I love that show!

-I'm really into Dead Rising right now and I don't know why... maybe because it's like Zombie Dynasty Warriors XD

- I am currently finished shopping for the following people: Dave, Jen, Thomas, Quazo, Shannon, My Dad, and Kaiya... 7 down... a million to go >_<

I'll update more later ^__^ lunch is ujan.
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