December 13th, 2007

Wonka - Boogie

Look at me still talking when there's science to do...

On the twelfth day of Christmas, cho_hakkai sent to me...
Twelve bloodfidgeters drumming
Eleven ahnycs piping
Ten cass924s a-singing
Nine bishounennomikos drawing
Eight riseandfalleurys a-painting
Seven fallenangelfishs a-writing
Six computers a-gaming
Five ba-a-a-ands
Four pwpgns
Three comics
Two heroes
...and a psych in a kyle xy.
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In 2008, cho_hakkai resolves to...
Give some pwpgns to charity.
Go drawing three times a week.
Cut down to ten heroes a day.
Backup my smallville regularly.
Overcome my secret fear of bands.
Drink four glasses of japan every day.
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Cause all the cool kids were doing it

Dave and I worked on websitey goodness last night and we claimed the Domain for my new store... and I killed "A Business of Ferrets" because it was a money sucking whore.
My New store "Eternity Moon" will be up... eventually XD Still working out the kinks with Dave... and when I say "working with Dave" I really mean Dave is doing all the work and I'm providing less than helpful Idea's and moral support because I am not 1337 at website design.
Bow to Dave... BOW TO HIM for he is the website guru MASTAH!
He's like Master Cheif for computers... He goes up to the problems and is like "Hey! You! Problem!... Suck on this!"
::cough:: sorry I'm a little insane today evidently.

It's kind of a mellow Day at work... I got all my order entry done in the first half of the day so I'll probebly have to run order retrieval again like "Um... hello? Work plx?"

Thomas and Jen! Attack Dave online via IM or Skype to get your loginz goodness for Otaku6.
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