December 26th, 2007

Phoenix - Fuck.

Murloc Christmas Carols "Fargh la la la largh la la laghrragrgagr"

My christmas was good if somewhat low key, it's always good to see my brother... I only get to see him once... maybe twice a year as I am poor (i.e. not a physicist like him XD) and he is busy (because... well... he's a bio physicist...).
Presents were good, Most of them I didn't ask for but probebly would have if I had known they existed XD Over all it was a pretty good and Jolly time... although I woke up Christmas morning with the most horrible pain in my legs... I swear I had like full blown arthitis or something for a day...
You know that kind of low key intense but not sharp pain that kind of happens right when you're about to get a full blown writhing on the floor cramp in your leg or foot? Yeah it was like that but from my kidney area in my back all the way to my toes... and it was like bone deep O.o
I don't know wtf was up... it took like 4 ibuprofin to just dull it to kinds sore stiffness but today it's completely gone.
I don't know if the guest bed I slept on fucked me up or if I'm dying or what but I feel more or less fine today so ::shrug:: cest la vie I guess?

Looking forward to Juan-con "winter games" XD I'll have to call him and see exactly when I is supposed to show up... and I have to talk to Jen about what time she wants me to come get her. ::pokes Jen::

And I have to go buy a new Present for Juan as it turns out he already has BIOSHOCK XD

and you know what else?

My backpack has Jets...
I'm Boba the Fett...
I bounty Hunt for Jaba Hutt to finance my debts...