December 28th, 2007

Riku - Wonder

Wisconsin Doles out the Harshness!

Ah good old Wisconsin... attempting to trap me at my work again much like you tried to do last year at a similar time. But don't worry Wisconsin... no hate letters this year. I actually like my job now XD

I was going to post about Artists Alley ebcause I was all "Oh! I don't think I reassured everyone that registery was not full when we applied so we most likely got our table!" but then I looked at my Journal and went "...Oh... I never complained in here about being table bumped XD that was in my Devart"

I want to have some kind of mass collaberation forum for ACen or something so everyone is on the same Page because it is Currently coming to my Attention that there are an obscene amount of people coming and I have no Idea who's riding with who and who's rooming where and bringing what and so on and so on...

...So if anyone would like to let me know it would me much appreciated.

I think I may be doing three costumes this year Zuko, Edgeworth, and Sumomo
This all depends on how crappy of a tailor I turn out to be of course as I dont relish spending upwards of 300 on e-bay to be like "Hey person! Make it! Make it now!" and then maybe not ever get it. But yeah if I am *not* a horrible constume maker I will be making some costumes for Nick (not Quazo... but if you like I will for you too ^^) and Shannon as well =D

It will be stupid amounts of work but Hey... if all goes well it will give me the practice I need to make some awesome clothes for me =D

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I'm Sorry Shannon I don't know why I decided to make it Harelquin instead of Goth XD
::runs away::