January 2nd, 2008

Momo x Kiley

Nail! (aggressive mix) enjoys fluffy bunnies.


First off... Go see Sweeney Todd...
I'm not even kidding... go see it right now. 0_\\\

2)I realize now that I need to get back into DDR Shape XD I havent played on the pad in probebly years and I was terribly shamed at Mayfair when I died... alot... swung off the pad gasping "Quazo... help... dying... play..." and he had to save my sad half meter and dropping ass.
So we definately need to get a ground floor apartment wherever we end up moving.

3)Juan-con was totally the shit this year, it was probbely one of the best years we have had in a while actually... there was much joy, alcohol, reuniting, and Rockband
Juan-con is awesome, Juan-con will save us all O_O lol

4)Holy Shit... go buy Rockband or find someone who owns it and play it NOW. I think I may have forgotten to eat one day this weekend because I played it all day. I'm not even kidding when I say this is probebly the most fun you will have in 4 person multiplay on X-Box for a little while at least.

5)Damn you silent protagonist Gordon Freemon... you make me want to write Halflife Fanfic and I should not ever do that because I never played the first game and only know what Wikipedia told me about it.
also because I almost never manage to finish fic.

6) I may draw some Portal Fanart if I can tear myself away from my virtual rockstar life.

aaaaand my lunch is over so... um... Laterz 8D