January 8th, 2008

Edgeworth - Fuck.

Hey, you're the lady from the test!

Oog... return of the legs that need to die >_<
I'm having the same kind of thing that I had Christmas day... It has to be related to how I'm sleeping or something because Christmas Eve I stayed on my parents day bed and last night I slept like crap because my sleeping pattern has been all messed up since I only got 4 hrs of sleep the night before last so I took a 2 hour nap when I got home from work...
I ended up taking copius amounts of NyQuil at about 1:30 this morning in an attempt to drug myself into unconciousness it didn't work so well as I was in and out of conciousness all night >_<
So I guess it's good that Zen got cancelled, I don't know that I would have made it through the sitting with the pain and the tiredness.
If Thomas is still coming over I want to show him Portal =D
If Thomas is not coming over expect to see more fan art... of... Portal ;¬¬
XD Hell even if Thomas does come over tonight now that I have made mention of art he'll probably be like O.\\\ "doooeeet!" and I'll laugh ^_^
So yeah... expect more fanart...

My last posting of Cake or Death Chell got 2 favorites from people I don't even know... so whee!
I also had someone write "Draw More" on the Target Lost fanart... which reminds me forcefully of what happened to Writer recently on her fic. I was like O.o "Draw more like 'Yay! I love it please draw more!' or Draw More like 'RAWR you suxxx Draw Moar!'"
I have been told to take it as a compliment but I dunno... some art forum people can be douchebags >.<

Ha ha perhaps I should draw more classic Nintendo or VG art in general... they seem to get the most views and favorites XD My wierd Birdo Picture is my most favorited piece to date ^^;;

I gotta say tho... I'm a little sad at how little play my Laughing Man Gordon Freeman pic got on Deviantart XD I thought it was pretty funny but maybe most people who Play Half-Life dont watch GitS:SAC lol
::is becoming an obsessive critique mongering whore who haunts Deviantart and waits for people to view her page::