January 31st, 2008

Otaku thing

Acen List

Okay so I will edit this entry as I think of more things to add

Selling at ACen:

1)Print - Miyavi: Kitty
2)Print - Miyavi: Storm
3)Print - Ayumi Hamasaki: Doll
4)Print - Hikaru Utada: Aozora
5)Print - Hide: Shine
6)Print - Writer: Reno Cosplay
7)Print - Writer: Japan Duo
(You are still my most favorited deviation on Deviant art Writer XD)
8)Print - Alana: CyberLan
9)Print - Alana: Vampire
10)Print - Portal: Target Lost
11)Print - Portal: Cake or Death
12)Print - SMB: Princess Peach (when I update it)
13)Craft - The Weighted Companion Cube
14)Craft - Customized Deck of Cards
15)Sticker - SMB: Punk Birdo
16)Print - Limited prints of Deck of Cards Pictures

OTS Chibi's, Drawings, and Badges

and more but I'm out of time atm to post them XD
::shakes fist at lunch for being over::
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