February 15th, 2008


"I'm looking forward to some... uh... shore leave, Commander."

XD Oh sweet Jesus Kaidan that was so corny and AWESOME.
It also lead to me making horrible horrible double entandre's, for the next couple of hours, that made Shannon weep.

Have I mentioned that I love Mass Effect? Because I do.
I think I may very well love every Bioware game I have ever played.
I loved the KotORs... I loved Jade Empire... I can not WAIT for KotOR 3 and I am estatic over the fact that I hear Mass Effect is the first of a Trilogy.
::cough:: anyway,
Yes, yes I am a sad sad person who spent Valentines day trying to get a video game NPC to love me.
Well what else was I supposed to do? None of the people around my age at work asked me out in my alloted 4 hr time span I specified in yesterdays post D8 I mean WTF?
XD j/k I'm joking, only joking...

Although Partick did wish me a happy valentines day on my way out XD I told him for me it was "Singles Awareness Day" but thanked him all the same, he laughed. XD
He's a nice guy ^__^

Mmmm Arby's... it's been a long time since last we met...
...too long...

::om nom nom::